From the very beginning I’ve always had a deep love for design and technology. However, the real magic happens when these elements come together to create meaningful experiences and memories for people.

As the creative team leader I wanted to create an environment where passionate people could come together to bring innovative design to life. We thrive on helping brands find new and exciting ways to create a lasting impact.

The opportunity to create almost everything from initial conception to final product. No limitations of material, size, or crazy vision has ever stopped me from achieving my goals. Well, except bad pizza at 4AM, but that only happened once so it doesn’t count..


We live in a fast, dangerous and never ending World. Anyone can get anywhere and influence for good or ill.

I think entrepreneurship through design is my way to influence the world.


Design or invention of the relevant product can affect lots of people and generations. I believe that a good product must carry with it added value that gives him any benefits, economic social ecologists, all of which are in my travel bag. They are the ones who navigated my way great faith and motivated me to succeed.

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